Do Khoa Danh
Director of Management and Capacity Development Unit (MCDU)

In addition to his bachelor’s degree in Irrigation, Mr.Danh has attended many training courses on managing ODA projects, construction projects. He has over 20 years of experience in design survey, supervision, management of civil works and procurement. After successful managing the Belgium-funded “Capacity Development of Water Management and Services in Ninh Thuan Province” project (2010-2014), he has been highly appreciated by central ministries, agencies and the donor in project management. He is concurrently managing basic construction work at the PPC Office and working as MCDU’s Director. As a director, he undertakes general control over MCDU’s activities and coordinates activities of Water Resources Construction Project Management Unit.

Vo Ngoc Minh
Vice Director

Mr. Minh was seconded from Minh Thuan Department of Home Affairs. He earned Bachelor of Arts in Economics. With over 20-year working as Tax inspector, inspector of Department of Home Affairs (DOHA), managing the Capacity Development of Water Management and Services project, he has a lot of experience in administration management. As a Vice Director of MCDU, he supports the director in directing and managing capacity development work, public administration reform, gives advice on the Unit’s internal personnel organization and directly manages communication & community development activities.

Pham Thi Minh Thu
Vice Director

With major in Accounting and Civil Engineering, she is experienced in construction tendering, basic construction project management, ODA project management, foreign-funded project, community-based project management. She has 11 years working as a chief accountant for Ninh Son district’s Infrastructure Management Unit. Working for MCDU since 2013, she is now MCDU’s Vice Director in charge of managing financial-accounting, technical, operation & maintenance aspects and Basic Construction Project Management Unit.



Nguyen Thi Nguyen Thao

Having graduated from National College of Management and Archive II in Ho Chi Minh city, majoring in Administrative – Office, she has 9-year experience in administration – office, training, human resources for Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee’s Office (from 2007 to 2010) and for the Capacity Development of Water Management and Services in Ninh Thuan province project (from 2010 until now). She has been trained through many courses on: project secretary, personnel organization, training organization, presentation, communication, procurement, etc. Currently, as a project secretary cum Deputy Head of the Administrative – Organization and Assessment Division and Deputy Head of the Communication – Community Development Division, she is in charge of administration, filing, setting up working schedule for the management board, undertaking monitoring and evaluation work, advising the leaders in personnel organization, training as well as contacting relevant agencies and the project’s partners.

Thai Thanh Kim Hue

Ms. Hue graduated from University of Economics HCMC, major in Accounting. She has 4-year experience in general accounting including making receipt and payment records, salary payment, monitoring contracts, tax reports, annual file settlement and filing. She has joined many training courses on: procurement, monitoring & evaluating of development projects, detecting errors and violence in financial management and public procurement,…As MCDU’s accountant from October 2012, Ms. Hue takes over the payment of arising expenses, supports the supervision of sanitation credit fund, transactions with relevant agencies and develops financial reports for the Capacity Development project.

Nguyen Thi Bich Hanh
Administrative Officer

Having graduated from the National College of Management and Archive II in HCMC, majoring in Administrative – Office. At MCDU, she is in charge of processing documents and files: correspondences, internal dossiers; arranging project’s legal book storing cabinet.

Bui Cao Cuong
IT expert

Mr. Cuong was seconded from the Provincial People’s Committee Office while working as an IT officer for IT Center under PPC Office. He has 9 year experience in email system administration, work-supporting software developing (2007-2010) at the IT Center and at the “Capacity Development of Water Management and Services in Ninh Thuan province” project He’s now working for MCDU, in charge of developing software as requested by divisions; managing, exploiting the website; managing internal network; supporting the staff in application of information technology into project activities in order to meet post-project development demands. He also assists MCDU in implementing community awareness raising activities and monitoring other activities under the project.

Hoang Thi Thanh Tam
Head of the Training – Communication & Community Development Division

She has graduated from Ho Chi Minh city University of Humanities and Social Sciences, majoring in Sociology. She has 7 year experience in conducting sociological and communication surveys. She used to work at the IT Center – Ninh Thuan PPC Office. Starting her job as a communication officer in May 2012, she has gained a lot of experience in communication, community mobilization and event organization. In November 2013, she was appointed to be Head of the Training – Communication & Community Development Division, providing advice and managing MCDU’s CCD program. She also represents MCDU in contacting mass media agencies, writes and revises articles to post on MCDU’s website. Besides that, she’s also responsible for capacity building for project staff and the community, acting as Vice Chairman of MCDU’s Trade Union.

Tran Vinh Phuc
Deputy Head of Water Resources Construction Project Management Unit (Short as PMU)

Having earned Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Industrial Construction, Mr. Phuc has more than 7-year experience in management, supervision and construction of urban infrastructure and civil construction projects. He started his job at MCDU in May 2011 as a technical officer. Since then he has joined collaborative effort in projects such as: construction of Phuoc Dan town’s drainage and sewerage system, the waste water collection and treatment system for Phan Rang – Thap Cham city, Kenh Bac raw water supply system, Kenh Nam raw water supply system. Currently, he is taking the role of Deputy Head of the Water Resources Work Construction Project Management Unit.

Le Van Thong
Technical officer of the PMU

Having earned Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering, Mr. Thong has 7-year experience in construction, supervision and project management. He has participated in training courses on: management, operation and maintenance of rural infrastructure works, procurement, construction supervision, site management, etc. Having worked for MCDU since February 2013, he is PMU’s technical officer who supports the management of technical aspects; carries out procedures regarding basin construction.

Nguyen Huy Hoang
Technical officer of the PMU

Mr. Hoang owns bachelor’s degree in construction engineering. He has experience in construction and design companies. Having worked for MCDU since December 2014, he is currently supporting the implementation of the Netherlands-funded project, responsible for checking cost estimate, record categories and taking site investigation to the project’s construction sites.

Tran Thi Thu Nguyet

Ms. Nguyet has graduated from college with major in Accounting. During her time working at the Project Management Unit from 2013, she supported Chief Accountant in file achieves. In January 2015, she was assigned to be project accountant-in-charge, responsible for managing financial issues of the climate change project.

Phan Thanh Vuong
Deputy Head of Operation & Maintenance Division

Having graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, majoring in English language, Mr. Vuong has 8 – year working experience in the field of exports. In May 2012, he began his job at MCDU as a training consultant, supporting the implementation of training plan for provincial officials involved in water sector. In January 2015, he was appointed as Deputy Head of the O&M Division where he is responsible for planning, coordinating with local authorities for pilot application of participatory O&M work. Besides that, he is the Chairman of MCDU’s Trade Union.

Le Dong Thao Linh

Ms. Linh graduated from HCMC Open University, majoring in English language. Before working for MCDU, she has 1-year experience of teaching English at the International American School. As a training officer, she supports the development of training plan and training strategy for MCDU staff and officers involved in water sector in Ninh Thuan province; cooperates with the donor to carry out training plan for relevant agencies in the province; updates legal documents related to training; develops periodic reports on human resources development. Besides, she directly undertakes English capacity building for MCDU staff, officials from relevant agencies and the English class for children.

Nguyen Truong Hoang Diep
Program Officer

Ms. Diep graduated from Faculty of Physics, University of Natural Science in Ho Chi Minh city. She started her job at the “Capacity Development of Water Management and Services in Ninh Thuan province” project in June 2011. From the start, she worked as an institutional officer who supported national consultants and international experts in carrying out “Institutional Audit of Water Management Agencies and Proposal of a Roadmap for Effective Water Management in Ninh Thuan province”. She has been trained on various skills, including procurement, presentation,…At the present, she is the program officer of Climate Change project, directly working with experts, international and national consultants. Besides that, she supports the writing of project proposals, prepares regular reports for submission to donors, assists English capacity development work at the agency; manages MCDU’s charity fund and supports the monitoring of work.

Tran Dang Anh Thu
Director Assistant

Ms. Thu gains Bachelor of Commerce from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. She worked for 2 years as an English teacher at South American English Center, district 7, HCMC. In June 2013, she started her job at MCDU as an interpreter for the “Integrated Water Management and Urban Development in relation to Climate Change in Ninh Thuan province” project. She is now a Director Assistant cum interpreter for the Climate Change project, in charge of conducting project activities and supporting the director in meetings with national and international partners. Besides that, she also gives advice on English improvement activities at MCDU.

Nguyen Ngoc Thao Vy
Deputy Head of Training – Communication and Community Development Division

Vy obtains Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration from Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh city. She started her job at MCDU in November 2013 as a community officer. In January 2015, thanks to her creativity, she is appointed to be Deputy Head of Training – Communication and Community Development Division, responsible for making and carrying out communication activities in project areas.

Nguyen Thi Diem My
Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Team

My has graduated from University of Agriculture and Forestry Ho Chi Minh City, majoring in Economics of Natural Resources and Environment. She started working for MCDU in November 2013 as an environmental consultant. Since September 2014, she has been appointed as the captain of the Monitoring and Evaluation team – undertakes supervision work, facilitate project activities as scheduled, jointly makes reports to submit to the donor and the PPC. Working at MCDU, she has joined many training courses on: Monitoring & Evaluation of Education Assessment, Report Writing and Monitoring & Evaluation of Development Projects, Project Proposal Writing and Resources Mobilization, ODA project planning and management, Awareness raising on integrated water management, the concept of green house, green office and the relationship between climate change and green growth, etc.

Nguyen Tran Minh Quan

Having graduated from Open University, Ho Chi Minh City, majoring in Accounting, Ms. Quan is an accountant of Kenh Nam project, in which she executes regular expense payment process, makes insurance and tax dossiers and files accounting records and takes the role of a treasurer.

Nguyen Xuan Hau
Technical officer of the PMU

Mr. Hau has graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, majoring in construction. With 3-year experience in the construction field, he is currently supporting the implementation of Kenh Nam project.